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Peter Jennings
Peter Jennings Way

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Dedication of Peter Jennings Way
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Tuesday, Feb 21, 2006

Walking "Peter Jennings Way"

pjwayfeb21.jpg"Peter Jennings has now been linked permanently to the New York neighborhood he called home, as the Manhattan street where he worked for decades has been renamed in his honor," says. At a morning ceremony, West 66th St. was dubbed Peter Jennings Way in honor of the late WNT anchor.

"Peter Jennings spent decades speaking directly to each of us," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. "And [now] we'll walk down Peter Jennings Way."

Elizabeth Vargas said the sign was a "wonderful public way to tip our hats." "This is the way we enter every day and [the way] Peter entered for 23 years," she added in an interview.

Merry Merry Christmas Peter
Christmas bows kaleidoscope pattern
May Peter Jennings Way keep you always in our hearts.

Mayor Bloomberg, Mrs. Jennings,
Elizabeth(Beth) Jennings, Christopher
(Chris) Jennings