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dubya's SHAME

Torture as Policy
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Prosecuting Bush
Mossad and MURDER

"What is being done in Iraq
 under the motto of 'liberating Iraq'
 is an illusion."  Gorbachev

From Abu Ghraib The Politics of Torture by Mark Danner:
The young man [Salih] listened, answered patiently . . . but soon became impatient . . .pushed his face close to mine and spoke to me slowly and emphatically:
"For Fallujans it is a shame to have foreigners break down their doors.  It is a shame for them to have foreigners stop and search their women.  It is a shame for the foreigners to put a bag over their heads, to make a man lie on the ground with your shoe on his neck.  This is a great shame, you understand?  This is a great shame for the whole tribe. 
It is the duty of that man, and of that tribe, to get revenge on this soldier -- to kill that man.  Their duty is to attack them, to wash the shame.  The shame is a stain, a dirty thing; they have to wash it.  No sleep -- we cannot sleep until we have revenge.  They have to kill soldiers.
The Americans provoke the people.  They don't respect the people."