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This page intentionally silent to
mourn the dead -- both in Louisiana
and in Iraq -- all lost their lives to
the #1 Mass Murderer of the World

International Answer's 'take'
on the hurricane Katrina:
      [excerpted from their email]

President Bush has diverted funds that were needed
to prepare for this type of natural disaster
to fund a war of conquest in Iraq.
 He did this despite being warned of the potential
 for danger by FEMA
(the Federal Emergency Management Agency)
 as early as 2001.
  The Houston Chronicle reported on Dec. 1, 2001:
“New Orleans is sinking. And its main buffer
 from a hurricane, the protective Mississippi River delta,
 is quickly eroding away,
leaving the historic city perilously close to disaster.
 ...So vulnerable, in fact, that earlier this year
 the Federal Emergency Management Agency
 ranked the potential damage to New Orleans
 as among the three likeliest,
 most catastrophic disasters
 facing this country.”

The Bush Administration knew of the danger
 and they knew how to prepare for it.
 But they chose to do little or nothing
 – they actually slashed funding for preventative
 and emergency measures,
 leaving the people of the region helpless
 to deal with the inevitable disaster.
  Now, with the destruction of New Orleans
 and numerous surrounding communities,
 tens of thousands of people
 are without food, water, or electricity.
  Thousands of homes are destroyed
 and the death toll continues to climb.